The secret is out!

On the heels of our biggest meal yet for Cameroon, we've gotten our first publicity! Mary-Katherine from the State Department's Bureau of International Information Programs caught wind of our project, pitched the story to her editors, and even got an extension on her deadline so she could attend our meal in DC for some first-hand reportage. We're really happy with the article, which you can read in both English and French. The latter is a delightfully florid interpretation, with turns of phrase such as "Ils attaquent les pays (à la fourchette, bien sûr) par ordre alphabétique," or literally, "They're attacking the countries (with a fork, of course) in alphabetical order."

Keri Kae at the WFP USA also wrote up a blog post about the meal and included us in their April newsletter. They're encouraging others to cook international dinners as a fundraising effort, which I think is a great idea. To that end, I plan to write up some posts about what I've learned about recipe research, shopping, and planning the cooking day. And if there's anything in particular you'd like to hear about, please let me know below!