Noshing in the 60's!

Thanks to my enterprising mother, I now have this wonderful inspiration and guide: Published in 1964 by the United Nations Association of the United States of America, it features recipes from the member states of the time, which numbered 114. The foreword suggests that you use the recipes to aid a celebration of United Nations Day, which apparently was a thing that some people cared about back then. In a great nod to the culinary concerns of the time, the book stresses that each of the recipes were verified by at least one of America's most prominent corporate test kitchens. The recipes themselves look surprisingly adventurous relative to my conceptions of the average American's palate, although certain ingredient choices or omissions belie a lack of variety in American soupermarkets, such as soy sauce instead of fish sauce in a Thai soup. (But who am I to judge: the "Thai chicken wrap" I'm about to tuck into on this airplane is no further to authentic!)

Some of the countries listed that have changed names since 1964: Dahomey (now Benin), United Arab Republic (now Egypt — this was the one awkward year where the UAR no longer included Syria, but before it changed its name back), and of course a bunch of Soviet Socialist Republics:

And yes, there's a stereotyped line drawing for each and every country! I'm going to stay true to my mission of finding recipes as close to the source as possible, which means I probably won't cook many recipes directly from this book (and will save the $225 on The World Cookbook for Students, which is so comprehensive it could make me lazy!), but it's a fun inspiration nonetheless.