• Meal 120: Nauru

  • Meal 118: Namibia

  • Meal 117: Myanmar

  • Meal 116: Morocco

  • Meal 115: Montenegro

  • Meal 114: Mozambique

  • Meal 113: Mongolia

  • Meal 112: Monaco

  • Meal 111: Micronesia

  • Meal 110: Mexico

118 Down, 76 To Go!

We’re hosting a series of 194 dinner parties, one for each member of the United Nations, in alphabetical order. We invite guests to our home in Portland, Oregon, and occasionally other cities when we travel, to share what they know about the country, or to learn through the food. It’s also a fundraiser supporting Mercy Corps. We hope you’ll join us on this (usually) tasty journey!

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Video from The Jewish Daily Forward