• 26875502264_147651f1df_k

    Meal 109: Mauritania

  • 27412815331_55e84fefba_k

    Meal 108: Mauritius

  • 23991524575_3b8a464971_k

    Meal 107: Marshall Islands

  • 23364564023_08c5e71f7d_k

    Meal 106: Malta

  • 23883018252_7ae498c623_k

    Meal 105: Mali

  • 23362918174_6b4382edf1_k

    Meal 104: Maldives

  • 23991022045_cfc10f7558_k

    Meal 103: Malaysia

  • 22640782561_5acbb292a4_k

    Meal 102: Malawi

  • 22629316915_753685dd96_k

    Meal 101: Madagascar

  • 22006358244_f566532baa_k

    Meal 100: Luxembourg

108 Down, 86 To Go!

We’re hosting a series of 194 dinner parties, one for each member of the United Nations, in alphabetical order. We invite guests to our home in Portland, Oregon, and occasionally other cities when we travel, to share what they know about the country, or to learn through the food. It’s also a fundraiser supporting Mercy Corps. We hope you’ll join us on this (usually) tasty journey!

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