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    Meal 101: Madagascar

  • 22006358244_f566532baa_k

    Meal 100: Luxembourg

  • 16967497277_7c4a80b96b_k (1)

    Meal 99: Lithuania

  • 17148837146_8873ca6f27_k

    Meal 98: Liechtenstein

  • 17208378925_97d6bfebcb_k

    Meal 97: Libya

  • 17148515036_19de5a27a2_k

    Meal 96: Liberia

  • 16108656494_ffcc695281_k

    Meal 95: Lesotho

  • 16543419948_024c8f8ba5_k

    Meal 94: Latvia

  • 16542839528_63572ba2ad_k

    Meal 93: Lebanon

  • 16056915399_c4b5100277_k

    Meal 92: Laos

101 Down, 93 To Go!

We’re hosting a series of 194 dinner parties, one for each member of the United Nations, in alphabetical order. We invite guests to our home in Portland, Oregon, and occasionally other cities when we travel, to share what they know about the country, or to learn through the food. It’s also a fundraiser supporting Mercy Corps. We hope you’ll join us on this (usually) tasty journey!

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