When we initially came up with the idea for this project, we had no idea that anyone else was doing anything like it. But through our internet research for recipes from some of the more obscure countries, we have stumbled across many other international food adventurers. Every one adds their own twist and it’s been really interesting to follow everyone’s progress as we all slog our way through the alphabet. If you are embarking on a similar project, let us know by commenting here or on one of our meals! 


Note: Many others have started but run out of steam. You’ll find most of them by searching for Andorran recipes on Google.

196 Flavors | 196 countries. A world of flavors.

Around the World in 80 Meals  |  The idea of this blog is to enjoy typical meals with people of 80 different nationalities who live in the Netherlands and the UK.

Around the World in the Hetzel Kitchen  |  Call it a cooking blog, a world-wide journey, a lot of work.  For me it was about learning and growing.

Burgers Here and There  |  Making exotic flavors un-scary, one burger recipe at a time, one country at a time.

Cooked Earth  |  My goal, above all else, is to present a snippet of the cuisines of the world as they are, in as sensitive a context as possible.

Desserts from Around the Globe | Discovering, preparing and eating desserts from every country of the world

Global Table Adventure Finished! |  A celebration of every country in the world – a place where I share the one thing that unites us and that drives our individuality – food.

Little Lost Cook | Cooking her way around the world

Travel by Stove | I’m cooking one meal from every nation on Earth.

Un tour de monde en recettes | A Québecoise using the FIFA (Soccer) country list, drawn in random order, to cook around the world

Worldlyrise | A blog inspired to teach my children about other countries and cultures through their food. It also includes music, arts, and literature from those countries as well.


Confined Nomad |  The goal of this journey is to find cuisines from every United Nations member state, within New York City limits, in alphabetical order.

United Nations of Food  |  My mission: to eat (reasonably) authentic cuisine from every country in the world (160 countries), without leaving New York City.